Who We Are

The purpose of the Society of Pediatric Echocardiography (SOPE) is to  maintain and promote excellence in the ultrasonic examination of the heart of every fetus, infant, child, and adolescent, as well as the adult with congenital heart disease. In addition, the society shall offer guidance in the education and training of  pediatric and congenital echocardiographers and sonographers.  

The  mission  statement  of the Society of Pediatric Echocardiography (SOPE) is "To provide a unique environment for the pediatric and adult congenital echocardiography community to collaborate with other imagi
ng societies to promote networking, education, advocacy, research, and program development."


The Society of Pediatric Echocardiography is taking it VIRTUAL in 2020! The 2020 Virtual SOPE Symposium will be held August 6, 2020 at 7:30 PM EST. 
SOPE is proud to feature Dr.Craig Sable, Associate Chief, Division of Cardiology, Director of Children’s National Health System and Dr. Lindsay Edwards, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Cardiology, University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital,who will present Rheumatic Heart Disease 2020: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions to our virtual symposium attendees.

Dr. Sable will provide a historical overview and echocardiographic overview of Rheumatic Heart Disease, and Dr. Edwards will discuss her work on the application of artificial intelligence to the diagnosis of mitral regurgitation with a preview of what the future might hold for AI and echocardiography

The anticipated schedule for the 2020 virtual symposium is as follows:

  • Introduction of Fellows and Junior Faculty
  • Virtual Happy Hour
  • SOPE Business Meeting
  • SOPE Educational Session
Invitations to attend the virtual symposium will be sent soon. You must be an active member of SOPE to attend this event. To renew or join SOPE please click here.